PPR Pipes

"GIL" PPR pipes are designed for Hot and Cold water supply and heating applications and it is suitable for different applications listed below:

• Hot and cold water supply in residential,
industrial, commercial & public projects
• Solar applications
• Compressed air systems
• Drinking water and liquids
• Watering systems for greenhouses & gardens
• Transportation of aggressive fluids
• Water purifying plants
• Radiator heating
• Traditional heating systems


1. Light weight, easy and quick assembly
2. Most suitable for carrying drinking water
3. Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
4. Bacteriologically neutral
5. Low thermal conductivity
6. Safe and watertight joints
7. Reduce heat loss
8. High impact strength
9. Resistance to scaling
10. Resistance to frost
11. Usable in seismic areas
12. Resistance to abrasion
13. Resistance to stray current
14. Eco-friendly
15. Long operational durability
16. Overall Economical

Sizes available: 20mm to 110mm in thicknesses of PN8 & PN10. 

Available in lengths of 4 metres and in rolls of 100 metres.