Drainage Pipes

“GIL” Drainage pipes are manufactured under strict quality control with the latest technology.
“GIL” Drainage pipes are best preferred for drainage system for home, offices, hotels, commercial complexes, drain lines in industries, chemical plants and power plants, also for drainage systems at public places.

GIL Drainage pipes have been preferred over other available resources due to varied salient features:

• Strong and durable
• Easy to handle and join
• Better flow characteristic
• Leak proof
• Energy saving
• Safe
• Resistant to rust, UV radiation & most of the chemical actions
• Economical
• Maintenance free
• Self coloured
• Better strength to weight ratio

• Drainage system for homes, offices, hotels, residential and commercial complexes and hospitals
• Sanitation purposes
• In industries, chemical plants, power plants drain as chemical waste lines and overflow lines.
• Drainage system for public places
• In main vent lines in drainage schemes
• Water harvesting systems

Sizes available: From 110mm to 400mm in Pn 6,8,10,12.5 and 16 Classes