Mission and Vision


We are committed to focusing on customers’ needs and expectations and to meet their requirements by delivering quality products and services at competitive advantage in the seller’s market and to provide a solution to our clients by giving choices by providing innovative products with the environment in mind and to constantly strive to continuously upgrade our product and services by making maximum use of modern technologies and keeping customers satisfaction in the centre.

"We do more, to stay ahead."


To become one of the leading and reliable prime source producers and suppliers of uPVC, HDPE, PPR pipes in the East African region and Africa as a whole.

Environmental Policy

‘GIL’ environment policy is to conduct business as follows:-

To comply and adhere to all possible environmental legislation and regulations.

To manufacture environmentally, eco-friendly recyclable products, which help in conserving natural resources.

Be an environmentally responsible organization by following and putting into practice EHS to reduce pollution and conserve the natural habitat.

Create and ensure a healthy and safe working environment for all employees in the organization by motivating them through training programs, team spirit, good communication, good housekeeping and by regular inspection in the work place to achieve zero work related injuries and illnesses.

To reduce the amount of waste produced during our manufacturing process, reuse the waste where possible and also to conserve and recycle water where possible by embracing the ‘KAIZEN’ system – the art of making continual improvement.


Health and Safety Policy

  • At ‘GIL’ safety, health and environment protection is of our utmost priority.
  • To ensure the safety and health of all it’s personnel, the supervisors conduct a survey every 3 months and record in a register to ensure smooth operation and optimal safety of personnel and plant/ factory.
  • All our operational and production systems conform to the highest standards of environmental friendliness.
  • Regular checks on hazardous tools, machines and electrical wiring.
  • To maintain and adhere to high standards of production with minimal waste.
  • Ensure regular checks on fire fighting equipments and other safety equipments e.g. horse reels etc.
  • To conform to the existing health and safety standards set by the relevant departments in government.
  • To continuously monitor the existing laws and regulations on health and safety.
  • To institute internal health and safety standards that acts as a benchmark and a road map.

Quality Policy

General Industries Limited (GIL) is committed to ensure that total quality is embedded in our products and service delivery in our business of manufacturing and supplying of uPVC pipes, PPR pipes, HDPE pipes, paper cores, composite cans and various plastic items.

Our key goal and objective is to achieve customer satisfaction through understanding, meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectation in providing quality products and services in the most efficient way.

We ensure that all our products, manufacturing facilities, sales and distribution services meet the most stringent standard in regard to quality and safety by developing and marketing products which are safe and environmentally friendly.

We promote develop and foster an environment where every employee has the capability and framework to build quality into our products and services by continuously monitoring and updating our processes and technologies for effective operations.

We comply with all the legal requirements and industrial standards by fully co-operating with the necessary authorities.

We have achieved and maintained the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard through regular reviews by the management for continuing suitability.

Quality Assurance

Quality Control procedures are specific to the production operation where the product is monitored on a predetermined frequency for compliance with a number of specific product requirements.

In the case of “GIL” uPVC pressure pipe, the quality control checks include:

+ Dimensions
+ Impact Test
+ Short Term Hydrostatic Pressure test
+ Methylene Chloride test (MCT)
+ Socket tests (refered to as leakproof test)
+ Heat reversion test
+ Workmanship
+ Colour
+ Ash content test

The quality control checks provide a guide to the production process to ensure continued compliance to the product requirements. All quality control data is recorded, collated and stored in such a way that the records are readily retrievable to demonstrate compliance to specific requirements.