General industries limited 
is a leading uPVC/ PPR/ HDPE pipes manufacturer in Kenya. 

The company started small in 1972 as a supplier to the textile and packaging industries and gradually transformed into a pipe manufacturing company in 1995 when the initial pipe extruder was commissioned. 

Over time, General Industries Limited, commonly known in the market as GIL, has become synonymous with pipe supplies to various water supply and irrigation projects throughout the country.  

Currently the plant is converting over of 850 metric tonnes of uPVC/PPR/HDPE raw materials per month against an available capacity of 1300 metric tonnes over the same period. 

This means that we have a reserve of an extra 450 tonnes per month which would enable us to service urgent orders as they appear without necessarily interfering with earlier commitments. 

GIL manufactures a range of pipes for various applications made of uPVC (un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride),PPR (Polypropylene Random) and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene).  

GIL is an equal opportunity employer with almost half of the administration staff being women.  

GIL emphasizes on staff training ensuring that the employees give the very best in terms of products and services, superseding the customers’ expectations. 

Continuous upgrading and embracing of new technologies are among the key factors that have led to the growth of the company over the short period of time.  

We have in our plant, the latest extrusion machine models with high production capacities and the latest pipe socketing features. 

Our on-line socketing machine is one of its kind in Kenya. Being fully synchronized with the other parts of the production processes, it ensures timely and even socketing that facilitates faster pipe line installations.  

Our pipes are supplied for use with Forsheda 575 rubber seals. We are proud to announce that GIL is the first pipe company in Kenya, to incorporate this user- friendly designed rubber seals with its pipes.  

Furthermore, on the new technologies, we can not forget to mention our pipe testing laboratory which is one of the best equipped in Kenya. With the ability to provide computer generated reports for tests conducted. Customers are assured of very high quality products.  

Our product ranges are as follows: 

  • uPVC & HDPE Pipes for portable water supply. 

  • uPVC pipes for buried drains and sewers. 

  • uPVC Electrical conduit pipes. 

  • uPVC & HDPE Ducting pipes. 

  • uPVC & PPR pipes for domestic plumbing 

  • uPVC Borewell Screens & Casings 


Other products: 

 Through collaborations with other local and international material suppliers, we also trade in the following items which are at very reasonable prices. 

  • Whole range of uPVC fittings, 

  • Fabricated steel fittings and specials, 

  • Galvanized Iron Pipes, 

  • Valves & 

  • Water meters. 


Forsheda 575 rubber seals: 

Our large diameter pipes (63mm dia. and above) are supplied for use with Forsheda 575 rubber seals. This is a combined lip and compression seal able to absorb any permissible variations in the groove. The seal design is as per the British standard.  


Our Clientele 

Gil is the preferred supplier to: 

  • Water Projects 

  • Irrigation Projects 

  • Sewer Projects 

  • Construction Industry 

  • Telecom Projects 

  • Retail Shops 


As one of the leading suppliers of quality pipes we have successfully completed various projects for Water Supply, Irrigation , Sewerage and Construction within East Africa and also have a healthy market share within the retail sector. 


Quality assurance.  

As stated earlier in the introductory part, GIL has emphasized on the quality of its products.   

We buy quality; we process quality and offer quality.  

To ensure that the above is achieved, Gil installed a state of art testing equipment set at our factory on Lusaka road. So far we should believe that our laboratory tops all others in the region. More to it is that we make good use of the set up.  

The following basic tests are conducted on our pipes during the manufacturing process. 

  • Impact test. 

  • Socket Tests also referred to as leak proof test. 

  • Short term hydrostatic pressure test. 

  • Methylene chloride test.(MCT) 

  • Heat Reversion test. 

  • Among others conducted on request or as per specific standards. 

Test Reports  

Our facilities are computerized and therefore able to generate test reports once any of the above mentioned tests is conducted 

Quality assurance certificates. 

  We are holders of the Diamond Mark of Quality (DMQ) and in May 2007, we attained our ISO 9001: 2008 Certification for quality management systems.